Friday, December 5, 2008

Saturday, November 8, 2008

the sweetness of November

Life has been pretty great lately. Lots of walks, baking, homeschooling and hanging out with friends. Being open to life's possibilities.

Rick has been practicing music a lot at night so the girls and I have come up with a great night time rhythm. It is very sweet.

Giselle has started taking piano lessons and she makes sure to practice everyday. Today she randomly got up in the middle of her dinner and went over to the piano to play a few notes and then without having to remind her to come back to the table she just ran back like nothing ever happened... i love that.

Neomie loves to chant G G G G - telling her sister to come and see something or to help her with something (usually turning the tap on). there is A LOT of love there. Neomie went to the potty 3 times today. She loves flushing the toilet - she waves and says bye bye.

It is all very sweet.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Canadian Thanksgiving and our 10th wedding anniversary

Our long awaited and overdue visit to Vancouver was greeted by our beautiful family, beautiful weather and some much needed adventure.
we ate many bobups (smoothy popsicles), spent time with Em, Micheal & Ibi, Bernie & Diane, Stephen, Barb, Sarah & Lily, ate vegetarian dim sum as many times as humanly possible, visited the Aquarium, walked the sea wall, attended Barbie's 75 birthday party, ate at the Naam, visited Banyan Books and had a piece of organic pie... and our visit was a record of only 5 days. (once our visit turned into a 2-3 weeks stay- thanks Barb...;-)

then we left on the Tsawassen Ferry to Vancouver Island and spent a night at the same hotel where we stayed on our wedding night. it is such a magical hotel. then we ventured up island and visited the exact piece of earth where we were married. Giselle took a ton of pictures and it was as beautiful as we remembered it. we played on the beach and stayed till the sun set. then we ate at one of my favorite restaurants called Rebar. I have had this cookbook for several years (as well as everyone I know) and have many favorite receipes so choosing from the menu was tough. We were all happy with our choices. it was a wonderful anniversary and it was a joy to share our love and experiences with our children.

next we headed a little farther north to a town called Cowichan Bay. we stayed right on the bay and our view in the morning was a huge dock with over 40 boats mooring. the salt air smelled so good. We visited Duncan BC and the waldorf school. they were closed but the property and the buildings were inspiring.

On the drive back to Victoria to catch the Ferry from Victoria to Port Angeles we saw a salmon run and first nations kids fishing. It was incredible and the river was gorgeous. On the ferry we saw wales breeching. We thought that was the piece de resistance! but due to the timing of our ferry we couldn't make the drive back to Bend and we had some extra time to visit the Portland Zoo and see for ourslves the cutest baby around - sorry Neomie - but the baby elephant at the Portland Zoo just stole our hearts.
we feel blessed to have such a great family to share this great adventure we call life.

the newest addition to the Portland Zoo

Gigi and Neomie on the Mountain Goat

"Look Mama no hands" Neomie on her trike

Gigi in front of the Vancouver Aquarium

the new baby beluga and her mother

a view of Sooke Harbor

Richard at sunset

mossy baby feet

a group shot of the fabulous 4

a view from the Tsawassen Ferry

my little snuggle bunny

another fabulous shot of the family

Richard and his girls

an inspiration from Vancouver Island

a picture of Richard and I at the same spot we were married 10 years ago that day...

Monday, October 6, 2008

wow. where do i begin...

...the Ziff gang have had an amazing summer spending lots of time with friends and family.

Since September Giselle and I have been homeschooling. we love the flexibility and I love being with the girls. I am now a teacher and I am honored.
we took a couple weeks to travel down to California, and Southern Oregon - taking our classroom with us.

Neomie walk (runs) and says a few words now. she is a dear love. Giselle loves playing the piano, is an avid bread maker and the best big sister.

the time we spend together is bringing us closer as a family everyday.
Here is a short photo essay of the past few months...

Neomie is now little lady

fast friends

just hanging out

swinging is a great pastime

Giselle has a green thumb in our garden

my feet finally touching sand

Neomie and Rick on the Cali Coast

Gigi and her seaweed train

the girls and the elk in Orick

Giselle the ballerina

Neomie, Jen and Darci

Gigi at the westend Lava block party

Giselle baking bread on bread day

sleeping with the bear

Neomie making a connection

Neomie and Cinnamon

high dessert museum fun

Renee and Neomie at the Oregon Country Fair

Gigi and Juju at the fair

Grandpapa, Chris and Brett at Holiday Market

Rafting on the Deschutes River

Emilie, Mireille, Anna, Neomie, Helene and Emma at the Winery

Brett, Chris, Anna, Mireille and Atsuko at Todd Lake